About me

Let me introduce myself... my name is Debby Hanssen, ceo of Debsports.

Racing is my passion, my way of life and purpose to transfer it towards drivers! Important for me is that everything around a driver needs to be in balance. Balance at home, eating, sleeping, school, work-outs and training. On the track I want to see them perform physical, mental and being critical on their driving style. Next to all this I invest in professionalizing their personality and behaviour. Gaining confident, goals to achieve and learning to work hard! 

It is not only coming to a track, but also guide them as a driver coach and prepare them before a race. What also means being there when they are at home or between races. With the objective that mind and body are ready to perform on track.

I am here to guide and to help them grow as a driver, but just as important as a human being!

“I have known and appreciated Debbie’s work for years and the thing we enjoy most about working with her is creating the right driver-team-coach atmosphere with a very professional but also very family approach….because in the end drivers need to be in the family when they can race at the top….and Debbie is very capable of creating the right “comfort zone”

Alberto Tonti of Fly Racing Counsulting

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