Debsports is aimed at the professional and recreational athlete. Guidance in the field of mental coaching and physical training.

As a sports coach I work with the Jet Sports Coaching System; by working with this system, all facets are covered that you need as a professional, but also as a recreational athlete to achieve your goals. Everyone has a goal big or small, this is your motivator to work on yourself. I call this the dream goal, but before you get to your dream goal, there are “sub” goals that support this dream goal.

At Debsports we work with astructure towards your goals and we ensure that you build up good concentration, focus and physical condition and learn to deal with competition tension.

“Debby’s coaching brings me self confidence, mental strength, good body fitness, new racing skills and my english is better now. She also brought me some race wins. When I describe Debby with 3 words it would be combative , self-assured and helpful .”

Enrico Forderer